What is an Accredited Professional Photographer?

The AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) is Australia's leading membership body for the professional photography community. 

To become a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, a photographer must be able to illustrate through the presentation of a portfolio, their understanding of photography skills such as colour, exposure, composition and lighting, especially the adaptation of light through the camera lens.

 Whilst there are new and funky techniques available to photographers through post processing these days, the assessors at the AIPP are looking for quality within the image starting at the basics.  This includes posing, composition, lighting and in particular exposure. Therefore there should always be some amount of detail in the highlight and shadow areas of images submitted for assessment.  All folio assessments are viewed using a calibrated monitor, which will highlight if an image is overexposed or underexposed or has a colour cast that is not complementary to the subject matter.  Images that do not show a solid understanding of photographic craft and skill are failed.

These days the photographic industry is faced with the issue that anyone who can afford to purchase a camera can call themselves a photographer. The AIPP want to be able to say to the public at large that accredited members have gone through a tough peer review process and are all knowledgeable in their craft.  The AIPP as an Institute can stand behind the quality of work produced for their clients.


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