I specialize in minimalistic 'content managed' websites with a focus on high quality photography and excellent user experience.  


With a passion for photography, and a background in computer science, the move into website design has been an organic one.  In this day and age, the ability to create beautiful content managed websites that are both affordable and efficient  means we don't waste time reinventing the wheel.  We just expand upon what is already available, refining it to suit the client's needs.  If you have been wanting a user-friendly, yet sophisticated website at an affordable price, you have come to the right place.  

What is a Content Managed Website?

A Content Managed System (CMS) is a website that can be edited, expanded and updated on a regular basis by you,  its administrator.  After the website has been designed and you are satisfied, I will give you the tools to do the updating yourself.  This means that each time you want to make a change on your website, you don't have to return to the web developer for the update…you can do it yourself, saving money and reducing the time it takes for your website to be as you want it.   Contact me directly to discuss your needs.  Packages start from $1400.00.

Recent clients include:

Pamela Pauline Photography :)


Train with the Dane

Dr. Molly Schafer 

Sandrine Barouh

Stay tuned for a few more interesting websites soon to be online...