The Fleeting Fringe Lily

Did you know that the Fringe Lily bud (or Thysanotus Tuberosus) blooms only once and for only one day…incredible fleeting beauty. Considered endangered in South Australia, the roots of this herb are edible. This time-lapse was taken over a period of about 18 hours…

The Australian Native Fringe Lilly blooms once...for one day...fleeting beauty. To see more of my Australian Native Flora and Fauna artworks, follow me on instagram @pamelapaulinephotography.

Gorilla Photography at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda

Having the opportunity to witness Gorillas in the wild is an extraordinary experience, an hour of wonderment and awe. At the same time, investing in a visit to Central Africa to see these primates contributes greatly to conservation efforts. In August this year, we visited Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda in the hope of finding these incredible apes. The experience exceeded all expectations.

Although prepared to hike in for hours, the family of Gorillas that had been tracked for us were on the forest’s edge, and about an hour into our trek, we were told to stop. Using his machete, our tracker moved back a few branches and there she was, a magnficent, enormous gorilla, less than 5 metres away. My heart skipped a beat or two. For the next hour, we watched this incredible family of 8 gorillas; a silverback, three females, a 10 month old, a 3 month old and a baby that had been born in the night…can you believe it, a newborn gorilla. We had been told by our tracker that they thought a baby had been born. These are the first photographs taken of this 1 day old baby gorilla.

As a photographer, it is impossible to predict what sort of conditions or vegetation you will find when tracking the gorillas, so there is no point in deciding in advance which lens to take. With my porter’s assistance, I took in my whole kit including my wide-angle lens, my 100 ml prime lens and my 70-200, knowing that at some point, I would leave my camera bag with the porter and go in closer with whatever lens felt best at the time.

Light is challenging, as visits to the Mountain Gorillas happen mid-morning, where the light is harsh, shadows are deep with the dense forest creating an awkward mix of exposures. I had hoped for cloud cover, but that was not to be. In the end, I went into the forest with just my Canon 5d mark iv body and my 70-200 lens. With this lens, I was able to capture some intimate portraits, my favourite being the first one below, with the mother and three month old both eating in the same manner. As they sat under a large branch, the light was relatively evenly exposed. Hand holding my camera, I needed to increase the ISO a bit in order to have a bit more light on the subject.

The 3 month old was the star of the show, adorably copying everything its mum did. The Silverback showed us his sense of humour by laying down with his legs up a tree, just watching us as we took photos. And then we saw the newborn…literally three metres from me, underneath heavy foliage, there they were…mum and bub. So close that my lens had a hard time focusing…

This would be the most intimate wildlife experience I have ever experienced, and one that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

If I were to offer 3 tips about photographing these apes, I would say:

  1. Manual focus - with so much foliage, manual focus will give you a much better chance of getting the apes in focus.

  2. Increase the ISO to lighten up the scene - since you won’t be able to use a tripod, you will be hand holding your camera so your shutter speed will need to be quick enough to freeze motion (which means it could be quite dark).

  3. Take a moment to just observe these animals, without looking through the viewfinder, without thinking about the photograph. It is like nothing else I have ever experienced.

So, the gorillas were incredible, but I would be remiss not to mention the people. We spent a second week in Uganda with a Ugandan friend of ours and his wife (friends who live in Australia), being guests at his brother’s Ugandan, then travelling back to his village, spending days with his family in the mountains and generally getting to know the people. This was equally as moving. The warmth, laughter and hospitality was heart-warming. We were welcomed with joyous hugs, genuine kindness and were even gifted with a beautiful thank you dance from the villagers…some in their 90’s, a gift I will treasure always.

If you are interested in visiting Uganda on a photographic tour, please get in touch with me at

More of my work can be viewed on Instagram at: pamelapaulinephotography

Gold at the 2019 Australian Professional Photography Awards

Each year, the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (APPA - the only professional industry body in Australia) holds awards both at the State and the National Level. I excitedly shared in my last post that I was named “NSW 2019 Illustrative Photographer of the Year”,. This past weekend, the National Awards were held. I was really pleased to win two golds and two silver distinctions. My highest scoring print (93) was for my “Entwined” artwork. This is the first in a series entitled “Bush Tapestries”, inspired by the beautiful Australian Native Flora and Fauna. It measures 40 inches by 40 inches. The quality of the work submitted at the National Level in the Illustrative Category is truly inspiring. Really wonderful to be in the company of such creative individuals.


Pamela Pauline named 2019 NSW EPSON AIPP Illustrative Photographer of the Year

What an honour to be named 2019 NSW Illustrative Photographer of the Year at the New South Wales Professional Photography Awards sponsored by Epson last week. Finalists for this category were Naomi Reiter and Charles McKean, both superb photographers.

Below are my four images from the winning portfolio, as well as some images of the awards evening. Thank you to the sponsors, the judges, the volunteers, the council and so many others that make these awards happen.

A Little Bit About these Awards…These professional photography awards were introduced in 1976 and have grown from strength to strength. Along with the National Awards, these are the largest awards for professional print photography in Australia. It is the only professional photography awards that require physical prints to be submitted for judging. While many images look good on an instagram sized screen, printing is another game entirely. The Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) is the only photographic membership body.

I'll Fly Away

I’ll Fly Away

by Pamela Pauline


The creation of I’ll Fly Away was a labour of love.  This is the first artwork in my “Grow Where You Are Planted” series…and this is how it came about.


The loss of a parent is always a good opportunity to reflect on one’s own life.  While never using the expression “Grow Where You Are Planted”, my parents lived this concept.  Raising six children to be curious, to embrace other cultures, to be a travellers and not tourists, they gave us wings to fly.  When I married someone from the other side of the world, and relocated permanently, they embraced him and my life.  Never once was I made to feel guilty.  As a parent to three beautiful children myself, I secretly cross my fingers behind my back that they do not do the same, but also know that we have encouraged them to be global citizens.  I’ll Fly Awaystarted my “Grow Where You Are Planted” series and is a tribute to both of my parents.

I’ll Fly Away , Edition of 10 @ 40”x40

I’ll Fly Away, Edition of 10 @ 40”x40


My father, who was in California, passed away in July last year (2018).  The morning I received the news from my mom, I went for a bushwalk with my husband to reflect.  Suddenly, we were surrounded by Lorikeets and my heart filled with a certain familiarity and awe that I had not felt before.  This was my dad’s way of letting me know that he was still present.  Of course it was.  My dad loved Lorikeets and on his last visit to Australia, he was bitten by one.  He had this way of being bitten by the most unlikely animals.  It was a family joke.  My dad was never going to be ready to leave this world and this was his way of ensuring that this joke lived on.  


The process of creating this piece was therapeutic, because in the end, love is the greatest of all healers.  I started with the Lorikeet, and kept that as the focal point of the piece.  It is the only element that is in full colour.  In the rest of the artwork, I am working with muted tones.  Little by little I added other birds, all of which mate for life…I love that symbolism; the Powerful Owls, the Kookaburras, the Galahs, the Tawny Frogmouths and the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos.  I photographed all of these birds in Sydney.  As in life and in my lorikeet experience, the more one opens their eyes and minds, the more one sees.  I wanted that to be reflected in this piece.  All of the flora and fauna is native to Australia.  The work is comprised of over 80 images taken by me in the past year.  I use my camera as a tool to capture the images, then with editing software, I carefully dissect the images, selecting only that which I want to remain visible. 


The last element to be added to my composition was the flock of cockatoos flying away.  Fittingly, at my father’s memorial service, we sang the touching spiritual “I’ll Fly Away”, his favourite.  


So, this began my series entitled “Grow Where You Are Planted”.  Make the most of life, regardless of where you find yourself. Open your eyes, be grateful.  

Grow Where You Are Planted

I am super excited to be exhibiting at Sydney’s “The Other Art Fair” next week in the Australian Technology Park at Eveleigh. I will be sharing a variety of pieces, but have been working very hard on my “Grow Where You Are Planted” series. I have created these artworks by compositing images taken in the past two years in and around Sydney. All of the subjects are Native Australian Flora and Fauna. Some of the artworks have 200 layered images in them…Here I invite you to take a close look. These are available as Limited Edition Prints. The large size is 40”x40”, edition of 10. The smaller size is an Edition of 20 at 30”x30”. Do you have a favourite?

Fabulous Flannel Flower

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love bushwalking. It is one of my favourite things to do and Sydney is full of wonderful bush walks. Living near the ocean, I often walk around the beautiful headlands and one of the joys is the abundance of the Flannel Flower (Actinotus helianthi) at this time of year. As one of the few “soft” native wildflowers, it is understandable why it is so popular in wedding arrangements and specialty floral designs. It’s velvety texture spells pure luxury. I have photographed them with a Canon Macro lens (100 ml) and focus stacked the images where I felt it created more interest. Printed at large scale, the detail of these highly textured flowers really stands out. To me, these just get more beautiful with age.

Milford Track and Beyond

Talk to anyone who has had the opportunity to hike/bushwalk/tramp in New Zealand and they are likely to elucidate praise. Having just hiked the Milford Track (late November 2018), I now understand why Rudyard Kipling coined the Milford Sound “the 8th wonder of the world”. It is truly breathtaking.

Before embarking on this 4 day walk, I had seen many images of what to expect during (almost) summer and the enormous vistas of fjord after fjord from the top of the McKinnon Pass. However, we were graced with a different experience….magical snow in the rainforest and virtually no visibility at the top. The hike started with cool temperatures and a bit of rain, nothing too challenging. Throughout the day, the skies darkened and the guide suggested that there was a “little bit” of snow forecast…not to worry…alas, you can’t tame Mother Nature and the snow just kept coming. By the time we got to the top of McKinnon Pass, it was a white out with strong winds. The hut had no running water because the pipes had frozen but the melted snow made for a welcome cup of tea. Because of the weather and the lack of visibility, we ended up taking the emergency exit down to the next lodge. Steep and beautiful.

On the last day, we had 22 kilometres of beautiful walking weather, ending up at a cloudless Milford Sound.

Northern Beaches Photo Collective Exhibition

I am pleased to be exhibiting with a group ofl 8 award winning photographers from the Northern Beaches. We will be holding an exhibition at the DiversArty Art Gallery in Cromer from the 18th of October through the 3rd of November. Opening Night is 18 October and all are welcome.


A Beautiful Life

Earlier this year, for Father's Day (in the USA), I put together this little image for my parents and titled it "Love Birds".  Last week, my dad took his last breath.  I am forever grateful for the love, guidance and friendship and know how very fortunate I was to call him my dad.  While this is very personal to share, much of who I am today is because of my parents...they encouraged me to always follow my passion and that was truly a gift. xx

"Love Birds" @ Pamela Pauline

"Love Birds" @ Pamela Pauline

"Dare to Create" Compositing Workshop with Pamela Pauline

Do you love photography and want to boost your skills as a photographer to include compositing images to create pieces of Art?  Why not join me for my Winter Compositing workshop to discover how diverse and creative photography really can be.  Why not "Dare to Create"?  

Using your camera as a tool, this workshop aims to reinvent our definition of photography as art.  There is no one "right" way to enjoy photography..  Step out of your comfort zone and join me for an afternoon of creativity where we will be working with layers and textures to create interesting works of art.  July 28th, 2018 from 1-5 pm at my Studio in Mona Vale, NSW.

Click Here for More Information




The Art of Stone


Printed onto canvas and gallery wrapped, or finished with a floating box frame, this beautiful stone creates stunning, large scale artworks.  Make an appointment to see some of this work in my studio in Mona Vale. 


Printed onto canvas and gallery wrapped, or finished with a floating box frame, this beautiful stone creates stunning, large scale artworks.  Make an appointment to see some of this work in my studio in Mona Vale. 

Visit Gallery Below:

Wild Brumbies Free to Roam but at What Cost?

The controversial plan to cull 90% of Australia's Wild Brumby population in the Snowy Mountains has been abandoned to the relief of many.  Conservationists and scientists, however, suggest that these Brumbies are endangering more than 20 plant species and numerous animal species.  Hopefully there will be a concerted effort to relocate the Brumbies from particularly environmentally sensitive areas.  

Despite one's views on the emotive topic, there is no doubt they are beautiful to watch in the wild, and I have been lucky to capture them on camera while snowshoeing in the backcountry.

Brumbies in the Snowy Mountains @ Pamela Pauline Photography

Brumbies in the Snowy Mountains @ Pamela Pauline Photography

Against the Wind @ Pamela Pauline Photography

Against the Wind @ Pamela Pauline Photography

Freedom @ Pamela Pauline Photography

Freedom @ Pamela Pauline Photography

Support for WildAid

Elephants are highly social animals with very strong social bonds. Females and their calves spend most of their time with their family groups, traveling, resting and feeding. The Matriarchs lead these family groups. Sadly, these older elephants are also the primary target for poachers due to their larger tusks. Research has shown that after a Matriarch dies, daughter elephants take up their mothers’ position in networks, making pachyderm networks resilient to the effects of poaching. 

To help in raising awareness and funds for the protection of endangered animals, I am honoured and thrilled to be supporting the phenomenal organisation, WildAid, by donating this Limited Edition Print (1/10) to their Major Gala Fundraiser to be held in Beverley Hills, USA, later this year. If you are interested in learning more about Wildaid's work, check out their webpage


"Matriarch" @ Pamela Pauline, Limited Edition of 10 @ 40"x40"

"Matriarch" @ Pamela Pauline, Limited Edition of 10 @ 40"x40"

Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital - the Next Generation in Healthcare

Pittwater residents are fortunate with the opening of the New Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital on Daydream Avenue in Warriewood. The facility is a non-surgical rehabilitation hospital with five-star facilities.   I am absolutely honoured to have supplied all of the photographic artworks for the hospital. 

The term "Arcadia" (as in Arcadia Healthcare) refers to its origins as "a vision of pastoralism and harmony with nature".  As such, the Artworks selected for this healthcare facility are congruent with this vision, offering patients a sense of connectivity to nature, facilitating a reprieve from their discomfort and a sense of wellness and hope.  Some of the artworks are "conceptual" or "composites", while others simply capture the moment.  Regardless, they are all from the Pittwater region, showcasing the extraordinary beauty of the Northern Beaches.

Hospital Lobby @ Pamela Pauline Photography

Hospital Lobby @ Pamela Pauline Photography

Hospital Cafe @ Pamela Pauline Photography

Hospital Cafe @ Pamela Pauline Photography

Autumn Creative Photography Workshops with Pamela Pauline

I am super excited to announce my Autumn Creative Photography Workshops.  I will be offering two workshops during the month of April.  

The first will take place on Wednesday, April 11th, and is aimed at those photographers who have a solid grasp of photography, but would like to learn new techniques for editing their images.  We will enjoy a full day of fun, food and editing, and will hopefully leave the workshop with a renewed vision of how to create photographic art.

The second workshop, on Tuesday the 17th of April, is an early sunrise shoot aimed a people who love the sunrise and want to learn how to take better photographs as well as learn editing techniques.  After our shoot, we will enjoy breakfast together at my home Studio/Gallery overlooking Bungan Beach and then begin editing the images that we just captured.

Contact me to discuss any of your queries at  I would love to see you at one of these Autumn Creative Workshops.  Visit my link at for further information.  Limited to 12 people per workshop.


Sydney Children's Hospital Autumn Art Exhibitions

Well, Autumn is here and the Sydney Children's Hospital is celebrating by having an Art Exhibition over three levels.  I am pleased to be taking part in this exhibition as a Head On Landscape Prize winner in 2017 for my Wild Brumby in the Snowy Mountains image entitled "Freedom".  Proceeds will go to support this important Children's Hospital in Westmead.  

Opening Night is Thursday, 8 March and you are all welcome to attend.

Autumn Art Exhibition Invite 2018_Page_1.jpg
Autumn Art Exhibition Invite 2018_Page_2.jpg

Is Letter Writing a Thing of the Past?

I grew up writing letters.  It was something my whole family did, and more than I even remember.  I am one of six siblings and  we were lucky to all suffer from wanderlust.  The way we justified the gypsy nature of our existence was to write home from wherever we were, to mom and dad and to our siblings.   I have boxes of letters written to me by my sister and four brothers, not to mention my parents.  They are a record of a time when we would sit, reflect and compose a letter from our heart, in an effort to provide the reader with an understanding of ourselves at that moment, knowing that the letter would take some time before it was received and read.  By writing, we felt connected, despite long distances.  It was therapeutic.  And of course, receiving a letter was joyful and not taken lightly.  I would find a favourite spot to sit and read, absorb and remember.  Not long ago, my parents moved from our family home and had to declutter.  My mom, painstakingly, went through all of the old letters that she had stored in boxes and worked out who would most appreciate receiving them.  Any letters that were written by her six children, were returned to the author.  She had letters from her own brothers that she sent to her brother's children, knowing they would enjoy reading them.  It was a very thoughtful act, and one that has stayed with me.  We now all have this amazing record of our own writing at various times in our lives...a true treasure.  

The internet and mobile phones have certainly changed the way we receive and send information.  That transfer is instantaneous and seems to come and go more freely.  There are certainly many positives.  I am in touch with friends from all over the world because of Facebook and Instagram. I can chat to my family and friends over the internet at next to no cost and it is as clear as day.  I love it.    However, despite the incredible wealth of information and instant communication now available to us at our fingertips, I still get a thrill out of receiving a letter in the postbox.

As I sit down to write my Christmas Thank You Cards, I feel grateful that this form of communication still moves me.  As a photographer, I have had some of my images transformed into Greeting Cards...they are available for purchase via my website if you are wanting to make someone's day!!  Go to Greeting Cards...