Upcoming Castlecrag Fair, Indian PhotoArt and Blogs

Hi Friends,

I was recently contacted by a German tourist who had just returned to Germany after travelling through India. She had come across my artwork in India and was wanting to mention my Indian Photocards on her Blog.  For you German speakers, the link to her blog is:


Roughly translated, this means:

"There are some countries, where it is really hard to fine nice postcards for your friends & family at home. India is such a country. Most of the time you can't even find postcards at all or you have to bargain with streetsellers for cards, which even do not look nice. Recently I discovered the Art Decko collection. Emma Horne (head of the travel agency Himalayan River Runners) in coorperation with the australian photographer Pamela Pauline are producing the Art Decko Postcards, to help the above descripted problem. The attractive and unusual cards are a photo-art project, which is designed by Pamela Pauline inspired by her travel through India. The postcards are available at the travel agency Himalayan River Runners Adress: C-1, Basement, Community Centre, Safdarjung Development Area, New Delhi-110016), on melas and in small boutiques in Delhi. For more information about the availability contact Emma Horne directly. And visit the Site of Pamela Pauline to see more of her impressive work." 

If you are in Australia, these cards are available directly through me.  If you are out and about in Sydney on Sunday, the 5th of June 2011, drop by my stall at the Castlecrag Community Fair, Castlecrag.  My cards will be available as well as other artwork on canvas and information about my photography services.  


Hope to see you there!