Tea and Tagines in Marrakech

Tea and Tagines in Marrakech by Pamela Pauline


Combining work with pleasure, I had the opportunity this week to assist Noemie and Eric Marie Saint-Germain, in photographing their stunning Riad in Marrakech, Morocco for their new website.  While not officially open, the Riad is soon to be a must for anyone wanting an authentic experience in Morocco replete with the warm hospitality for which Morocco is renowned .  The host/owners have spent two and a half years restoring this elegant home to its original grandeur.  I promise to post a link to their website as soon as it is up.


Below I have included a few of my photographs of this special country.  Tea drinking is a much loved tradition and something that signifies hospitality and friendship.  Tea preparation is traditionally the role of the man, and it is considered a great honour to prepare the tea in front of guests. It is only considered drinkable if there is a significant foam on the top when poured from the teapot, which is typically done from a distance of about 12 inches.  My husband and I drank copious amounts of tea, bartered our way around the city, ate more couscous than we care to admit and genuinely had a fabulous time.  We look forward to returning to this fascinating place..