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Gold at the 2019 Australian Professional Photography Awards

Each year, the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (APPA - the only professional industry body in Australia) holds awards both at the State and the National Level. I excitedly shared in my last post that I was named “NSW 2019 Illustrative Photographer of the Year”,. This past weekend, the National Awards were held. I was really pleased to win two golds and two silver distinctions. My highest scoring print (93) was for my “Entwined” artwork. This is the first in a series entitled “Bush Tapestries”, inspired by the beautiful Australian Native Flora and Fauna. It measures 40 inches by 40 inches. The quality of the work submitted at the National Level in the Illustrative Category is truly inspiring. Really wonderful to be in the company of such creative individuals.


Pamela Pauline named 2019 NSW EPSON AIPP Illustrative Photographer of the Year

What an honour to be named 2019 NSW Illustrative Photographer of the Year at the New South Wales Professional Photography Awards sponsored by Epson last week. Finalists for this category were Naomi Reiter and Charles McKean, both superb photographers.

Below are my four images from the winning portfolio, as well as some images of the awards evening. Thank you to the sponsors, the judges, the volunteers, the council and so many others that make these awards happen.

A Little Bit About these Awards…These professional photography awards were introduced in 1976 and have grown from strength to strength. Along with the National Awards, these are the largest awards for professional print photography in Australia. It is the only professional photography awards that require physical prints to be submitted for judging. While many images look good on an instagram sized screen, printing is another game entirely. The Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) is the only photographic membership body.

Grow Where You Are Planted

I am super excited to be exhibiting at Sydney’s “The Other Art Fair” next week in the Australian Technology Park at Eveleigh. I will be sharing a variety of pieces, but have been working very hard on my “Grow Where You Are Planted” series. I have created these artworks by compositing images taken in the past two years in and around Sydney. All of the subjects are Native Australian Flora and Fauna. Some of the artworks have 200 layered images in them…Here I invite you to take a close look. These are available as Limited Edition Prints. The large size is 40”x40”, edition of 10. The smaller size is an Edition of 20 at 30”x30”. Do you have a favourite?

Fabulous Flannel Flower

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love bushwalking. It is one of my favourite things to do and Sydney is full of wonderful bush walks. Living near the ocean, I often walk around the beautiful headlands and one of the joys is the abundance of the Flannel Flower (Actinotus helianthi) at this time of year. As one of the few “soft” native wildflowers, it is understandable why it is so popular in wedding arrangements and specialty floral designs. It’s velvety texture spells pure luxury. I have photographed them with a Canon Macro lens (100 ml) and focus stacked the images where I felt it created more interest. Printed at large scale, the detail of these highly textured flowers really stands out. To me, these just get more beautiful with age.

Northern Beaches Photo Collective Exhibition

I am pleased to be exhibiting with a group ofl 8 award winning photographers from the Northern Beaches. We will be holding an exhibition at the DiversArty Art Gallery in Cromer from the 18th of October through the 3rd of November. Opening Night is 18 October and all are welcome.


A Beautiful Life

Earlier this year, for Father's Day (in the USA), I put together this little image for my parents and titled it "Love Birds".  Last week, my dad took his last breath.  I am forever grateful for the love, guidance and friendship and know how very fortunate I was to call him my dad.  While this is very personal to share, much of who I am today is because of my parents...they encouraged me to always follow my passion and that was truly a gift. xx

"Love Birds" @ Pamela Pauline

"Love Birds" @ Pamela Pauline

Support for WildAid

Elephants are highly social animals with very strong social bonds. Females and their calves spend most of their time with their family groups, traveling, resting and feeding. The Matriarchs lead these family groups. Sadly, these older elephants are also the primary target for poachers due to their larger tusks. Research has shown that after a Matriarch dies, daughter elephants take up their mothers’ position in networks, making pachyderm networks resilient to the effects of poaching. 

To help in raising awareness and funds for the protection of endangered animals, I am honoured and thrilled to be supporting the phenomenal organisation, WildAid, by donating this Limited Edition Print (1/10) to their Major Gala Fundraiser to be held in Beverley Hills, USA, later this year. If you are interested in learning more about Wildaid's work, check out their webpage


"Matriarch" @ Pamela Pauline, Limited Edition of 10 @ 40"x40"

"Matriarch" @ Pamela Pauline, Limited Edition of 10 @ 40"x40"

Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital - the Next Generation in Healthcare

Pittwater residents are fortunate with the opening of the New Arcadia Pittwater Private Hospital on Daydream Avenue in Warriewood. The facility is a non-surgical rehabilitation hospital with five-star facilities.   I am absolutely honoured to have supplied all of the photographic artworks for the hospital. 

The term "Arcadia" (as in Arcadia Healthcare) refers to its origins as "a vision of pastoralism and harmony with nature".  As such, the Artworks selected for this healthcare facility are congruent with this vision, offering patients a sense of connectivity to nature, facilitating a reprieve from their discomfort and a sense of wellness and hope.  Some of the artworks are "conceptual" or "composites", while others simply capture the moment.  Regardless, they are all from the Pittwater region, showcasing the extraordinary beauty of the Northern Beaches.

Hospital Lobby @ Pamela Pauline Photography

Hospital Lobby @ Pamela Pauline Photography

Hospital Cafe @ Pamela Pauline Photography

Hospital Cafe @ Pamela Pauline Photography

Amazing Aloes

For the past couple of weeks I have been overseas visiting family and along with my five siblings, surprising my parents for their 60th wedding anniversary.  What an incredible milestone and a successful surprise!    While in California, I had the opportunity to photograph the most incredible Aloe Garden.  I spent hours admiring and photographing these stunning unique gifts of Mother Nature.  Using in-camera techniques, I have created abstract artworks that make real statements when blown up large scale.  Contact me directly for more information about availability of these pieces.

HeadOn Photographic Festival 2017 - 3rd Place Winner

Again, the Head On Photo Festival is being held throughout the Month of May in Sydney.  The festival showcases works of Australian and International Artists in what is Australia's largest and most prestigious photography event.  Established in 2008, it has become the second largest photography festival in the world.  The Festival marks a vital place on the Australian Arts Calendar attracting highly acclaimed photographers as well as those that are newer to the scene.  Held in Sydney over three weeks, it offers free events, workshops and exhibitions as well as  talks by well-known and lesser known photographers.  

Dedicated to encouraging innovation and excellence in photography, the Head On Festival also offers the Head On Awards for Portraiture, Landscape, Mobile and Student works.  As a finalist again in 2017, I am honoured to have won Third Place in the Landscape Prize for my image of a Brumby in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales.  The Landscape Prize Exhibition consists of the 40 Finalists and is held at the NSW Parliament House from Monday the 8th of May through to the end of the month.  

As part of the festival, I am also exhibiting in the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) exhibition entitled "Storylines".  I will be speaking about my work at the Paddington Town Hall on Sunday, the 12th of May at 3:20.

Finally, I am also an exhibitor in AddOn, a curated exhibition featuring anonymous small square names, no titles, lots of room for interpretation.  This is also being held at the Paddington Town Hall, Festival Hub.  

Thank you to all of those people who worked so hard to pull together the HeadOn Photographic Festival.  

Freedom by Pamela Pauline, Winner HeadOn Landscape Prize -3rd Place

Freedom by Pamela Pauline, Winner HeadOn Landscape Prize -3rd Place

Wild Wyoming

While I haven't lived in Wyoming for 30 years, I grew up there and it holds a very special place in my heart.  With family there, I visit as often as possible. In January of this year, my husband and our three grown up children transversed the state from Laramie in the SouthEast, to Jackson in the Northwest.  The sparse landscape looks forboding and beautiful with the snow, the wind adding to the sense of isolation.  While there are many iconic images of Wyoming, most notably, those of Ansel Adams, I wanted to show it's simple everyday beauty.  This gallery aims to capture that simplicity.

"I Saw in Louisiana a Live Oak Growing"

In January of this year, I visited Avery Island, Louisiana, home of the infamous "Tabasco" sauce.  Invited by a member of the McIlhenny family and travelling with Jeannette Whitson from Garden Variety Design in  Nashville, we had the great privilege of visiting the areas of the island that are not open to the public.   The purpose of the visit was to photograph the beautiful trees but the experience was so much more.    Not only did we get to explore the extraordinary beauty of the island, but we were welcomed into the archives by the company's historian and curator.  These archives hold a treasure trove of documents, photographs and artefacts dating back 150 years.  As a beneficiary, the forethought of the early McIlhenny family to preserve all of this for future reference is remarkable.    Of course, we also braved taste testing a freshly opened barrel of Tabasco chilli mash,  ate what I consider to be the world's best Gumbo in the local canteen and were serenaded by the host (who grew up on the island) as she "called" an alligator to us while we sat watching the birds in the swamp.  And then there are the Southern Live Oak magnificent and graceful with Spanish Moss delicately flowing from the branches.  The tenderness  with which these living legends are preserved on Avery Island was absolutely heart warming and it was an honour to capture them on camera. 

On Flaneurism, Frampton and Friendship

A French concept, flaneurism, is defined as wandering without purpose.  In today's world, if time is a luxury, then the ultimate indulgence is dropping into designer Jeannette Whitson's Garden Variety Design Studio in Nashville, Tennesee for a wander.  Located in the very trendy 12 South area of Nashville, the studio is an original 1899 home, cleverly renovated by Jeannette and recently opened by appointment only.  The studio houses a unique collection of beautiful antiques and other one-off pieces of art, primarily from France.  Jeannette's design sense and keen eye can only be described as eclectic, one-of-kind and stunningly beautiful.  

 Jeannette and I met nearly 25 years ago in Jakarta, Indonesia.  We connected immediately, sharing a love of adventure, curiosity, beautiful things and laughter.  We travelled through the back alleys of Central Java, Jeannette searching for genuine antiques and me documenting the lives and landscapes of the people through research and photography (I was working on a USAID contract at the time).  Our years in Indonesia were instrumental in inspiring our creative careers.    

Through marriage and children, our lives took us to different corners of the world, but our passions in our respective fields continued to grow, as did the respect for each other's work.   For some time we have been talking about collaborating, so it was with great enthusiasm, 25 years after first meeting, that I accepted Jeannette's offer to host a photographic show in her studio when the space was ready.

We had a fabulous week together in June, inviting designers and art collectors to the studio.  It is always deeply gratifying to develop an emotional connection with buyers or potential customers.  Naturally, it was a thrill when the unassuming Rock Star Peter Frampton visited the studio, taking home  my "Kookaburra Sits".  That said,  regardless of the owner, it is always a great honour to have my work hanging in the privacy of people's homes, and something that I never take for granted.  

The Southern hospitality is hard to beat, and we are already discussing my return.