The Ravenswood Australian women's Art Prize 

The Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize is an annual prize that was launched in 2017 to advance art and opportunity for emerging and established female artists in Australia.  It is the richest professional art prize for women in Australia.

I am thrilled to have my Artwork entitled "Matriarch"  selected as a Finalist for this prize.  Opening night is the 15th of June 2018, with the exhibition open to the public from the 16th through the 24th of June at the Ravenswood Girls School in Gordon.  

This year's entries had to respond to the theme of "Resilience".   Elephants are highly social animals with very strong social bonds.  Females and their calves spend most of their time with their family groups, traveling, resting and feeding.  The Matriarchs lead these family groups.  Sadly, the older elephants are also the primary target for poachers due to their larger tusks.  Research has shown that after a Matriarch dies, daughter elephants take up their mothers’ position in networks, making pachyderm networks resilient to the effects of poaching. 

"Matriarch" is a Limited Edition of 10.  1/10 has been donated to the WildAid Foundation for their major gala Fundraiser to be held in Beverly Hills later in 2018.