2016 NSW AIPP Epson Professional Photography Awards

The 2016 NSW Photography Awards were held in Sydney over the weekend of the 19th and 20th of March.  Entering the awards is always a nail biting and humbling experience, with some highs and inevitably some lows.  Having been a member of the AIPP for three years now, I feel that entering the awards has been invaluable in helping me to really look at my images with a critical eye and to better understand what makes a quality image.  I was thrilled to win the Highest Scoring Print Award for this image of the Quelea Migration.   Out of 1000 images entered and judged, there were four Gold with Distinctions awarded.  I was very happy to have received two, one for the Quelea birds and the other for A Cheetah underneath a tree in the Kalahari.